As the Dean of the School of Education, Psychology, and Interdisciplinary Studies at Virginia Union University, I work directly with diverse faculty who are shaping the next generation of educators. As dean, I am responsible for the academic mission of my school and for the management of its budget, personnel, infrastructure, etc. I oversee the day to day operations of my school, and ensure that it provides the best possible academic and professional environment for students. In addition, I am charged with the responsibility of ensuring that services are available to support the many activities of our faculty and students. I have experience with curriculum leadership and management, and with developing new courses and degree programs.

As dean, I am responsible for promoting student success through community partnerships that support the educational mission of Virginia Union University. I am also charged with the duty of stimulating the learning process, integrating the in-class and out-of-class experiences, promoting an environment conducive to growth and discovery, and facilitating intellectual, spiritual, social, occupational, physical, cultural, and emotional development. I work closely with students and serve as one of the primary advocates for students and their families. As dean, I play a pivotal role in ensuring excellence in all aspects of the student experience and proactively shaping the focus of the university experience by fostering a collaborative curricular and co-curricular experience. I am also charged with enhancing VUU's national prominence by increasing the number of students who pursue advanced degrees and subsequently enter the workforce.

During my administrative career, I have headed large and complex academic departments with high levels of cultural, linguistic, and racial diversity. In addition, I have extensive experience with NCATE, Middle States, SACS and HLC. While at Widener University, I was asked to write an NCATE “Response to Conditions” report for our undergraduate and graduate Social Studies education programs. Both passed with flying colors, and are “Fully Nationally Recognized” until 2016 by NCATE. At Langston University, I was very instrumental in helping the School of Education and Behavioral Sciences prepare for its 2015 NCATE visit. Central to my success in these efforts was my ability to understand and bridge diverse perspectives and to develop fruitful relationships.

These experiences have prepared me for the challenges and opportunities that the future will bring to higher education. In the second decade of this century, colleges and universities will likely face changes in the regulatory environment, new forms of competition, and difficult economic circumstances. Leaders such as myself will be pivotal in overcoming these and other challenges through innovation, creativity, and hard work.